About CAPA

The California Attractions and Parks Association (CAPA) represents the theme, amusement, water and family entertainment parks of California, an industry which creates more than $12 billion in commerce each year.

CAPA is the first statewide association formed to represent the permanent amusement park industry. The association was incorporated in 2003 and opened offices in Sacramento in February 2004. CAPA serves as the voice of the attractions and amusement industry, working closely with legislators on issues of regulation, tourism and ride safety. CAPA is also the industry's information source, hosting an annual conference, training sessions and updates on inspections, reporting requirements and legislation of interest.

Our members include parks both large and small, from the famous theme parks of Southern California, which attract millions of visitors, to small family-owned businesses found in communities throughout the state.

The attractions and amusement industry is the face of California tourism to the country and world. Our member parks are vital to their local economies, and for the state, providing the foundation of tourism and employment in dozens of communities.

CAPA looks forward to working with elected officials, government agencies and the public to ensure our rides are safe, our parks filled and the state's economy is strong.